1. Company profile

Metrology and Dimensional Inspections Services - COMPANY PROFILE

Axist was founded to propose dimensional inspection services to the market.
Today, thanks to the experience gained, our company is able to offer a vast range of services and products in the field of metrology for the biggest industrial sectors, efficiently and competitively. 

Our mission is to satisfy our clients 100% and we guarantee them: 

  • Technical and Financial Transparency
  • Clear and unambiguous Financial Terms
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility and a High Quality Service
  • Axist has a proven experience  with various companies in different sectors - automotive, aviation, steel, mechanical, naval and oil&gas industry - providing technical consultancy , supporting high tech products and engineering applications first of all in dimensional metrology.
  • - Password: accuracy
  • - Specialization: dimensional inspection
  • - Objective: to offer always the right solution related to the need of dimensional inspection coming from every industry
  • - Mission: to satisfy customers providing efficiency, accuracy, transparency, flexibility and quality in services. Always be clear in term of offer service organization and value for money.