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Digital Level LEICA DNA 03

Excellent optical and digital measurement system for high precision leveling (precision 0.3 mm - standard deviation per km of double leveling) which guarantees maximum accuracy and reliability in the control and management of the acquired data.
Thanks to the supplied software it is possible to develop calculation functions for leveling lines, perform the control of the compensations and create the final reports for the analysis and verification of the data obtained.
Technical data LEICA DNA03

Area of use:
-Quick measurements of heights, height differences and stake outs
–I. and II. order levelling
–High precision measurements

Standard deviation height measurement per 1km double-run (ISO 17123-2)

Electronic measurements:
-with Invar staffs: 0.3mm
-with standard staffs: 1.0mm

Optical measurements: 2.0mm

Distance measurement (standard deviation: (electr.) 1cm/20m (500ppm)

-Electronic measurement: 1.8m – 110m
-Optical measurement: from 0.6m

Electronic measurement
-Resolution height measurement: 0.01mm, 0.0001ft, 0.0005inch
-Time for single measurement: typically 3 seconds
-Measurement modes: Single, average, median, repeated single measurements
-Measurement programs: Measure & Record, staff height/distance, intermediate BF, aBF, BFFB, aBFFB, onboard adjustment, quick closure, stakeout Coding: Remark, Free code, Quick code

Data storage:
-Internal memory: 6000 measurements or 1650 station
-Backup: PCMCIA card (ATA-Flash/SRAM/CF)
-Online operations: GSI format via RS232
-Data exchange internal memory: GSI8/GSI16/XML/flexible formats

Telescope magnification: 24x

-Type: Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping
-Slope range: ±10'
-Compensator setting accuracy (standard deviation): 0.3"

Display: LCD, 8 lines at 24 characters

Battery operated:
-GEB111: 12h operation
-GEB121: 24h operation
-Battery adapter GAD39: Alkaline battery, 6x LR6/AA/AM3, 1.5V

Weight: 2.8kg (incl. battery GEB111)

Environmental conditions:
-Working temperature: –20°C to +50°C
-Storage temperature: –40°C to +70°C
-Dust/water (IEC60529): IP53
-Humidity: 95%, non condensing