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Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection is the company core business. Dimensional inspection is a fundamental step in every industrial production , being the way to compare and verify the product respect its design.

Measurements and Dimensional inspections are carried out at customer sites directly, using the best cutting-edge technologies, such as laser trackers, anthropomorph arms, photogrammetry.
This is a high precision activity, which made Axist to be considered as one of the most important companies in Europe for this specific market.
Axist performs dimensional inspections for various industrial sectors: aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, steel plants, energy, nuclear physics, shipbuilding and Oil&Gas.

Axist technical department and his skilled and professional engineers provide the customer with the best consultancy in every phase of the dimensional inspection: from the best technology to carry out the job to the measurement incertitude estimation regarding environmental parameters and the kind of measurement report which best fits the specific application.