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Design, assembly and maintenance of equipment

Axist is increasingly delivering integrated services to its customers:
-Design: The high professionalism of the technical department allows to respond promptly to the customer's needs regarding the development of tailor-made equipment, necessary for testing and assisted assembly activities.
- Assembly and maintenance: For the large client, Axist is able to offer an integrated "turnkey" package with the revision of entire production equipment and their restoration.

In order to execute every service at its best, Axist disposes of dimensional inspectors and others experts such us PLC’s programmers and other skilled technicians for commissioning and maintaining industrial tools.

Below are some of the services that Axist addresses to the aviation sector:
- Design of assembly and inspection tools as well as implementation of existing tools
- Use of laser projectors (Aligned Vision) to speed up the fitting operation in large aerostructure subassemblies of masking operation at painting stage.
- ⁃ Use of Vision systems in order to identify manufacturing defects or in order to detect the FOD in aerostructures.