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Axist is an engineering company, focused towards designing and providing advances solutions for dimensional inspection and related services by using portable instruments.

A number of local side offices in the Italian country and abroad keeps interventions fast and competitive pricewise.

Ever since Axist was established, it operates for a customer base in different industrial areas: aeronautics, automotive, aerospace and research, steel industries, Oild&Gas, nuclear, shipbuilding and railways.

Axist’ mission is to address towards the best suited solution to fulfill customer expectations thanks to state-of-the-art hardware and professional and skilled engineers


Luigi Berri, 59, mechanical engineer. He starts his professional experience at Coord3, an Italian CMM manufacturer where he held the position of Industrial Manager.

After he resigned for Coord3 , he established and managed CAM2, the Italian branch of FARO Technologies, and then he founded Axist srl, the first company specialized in dimensional metrology for a wide range of industries.

From 2001 to today

Birth 2001
  • 2001

    The company was founded in partnership with the group French F.I.T - ESIC, transalpine leader of topographic photogrammetry.

    The main market on which the company's activity is initially directed is the automotive’s one, (automotive design and prototypes, equipment and slab lines) and also that of molds and foundry

  • 2004 to 2008

    Axist began working for aeronautical sector becoming a supplier of Alenia and Agusta Elicotteri (now companies of Leonardo group) and a large part of the first level subcontracting. The company presents solutions and offers services in context of all major players: Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Aeronavali, Nordam. In recent years it has been working for the Airbus project, using laser trackers for automation of automatic aeronautical riveting system in the assembly of the Airbus 380 fuselage, providing dimensional testing and support for the assembly of rolling spindles fuselage of the new Boeing 787.
    Since then, a team of Axist technicians has been operating in a stable plant at the Grottaglie site. At the latter, it also deals with flight part measurements and analysis of the collected data. In the same period, it continues its activity in automotive sector: to follow new opportunities, it opens its Romanian branch in Sibiu. In Axist's instrument park, a radar laser is introduced that joins the 10 laser trackers already present in the company. It also becomes the Italian distributor of Spatial Analyzer, software recognized as a reference of the aeronautical market.

  • From 2009 to 2015

    Axist extends its presence in the energy, research, Oil & Gas, steel and, to operate at the main market players, establishes its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (first Dubai and then Abu Dhabi). The transversal presence in different sectors and markets allows Axist to offer new technologies to its customers. In these years it also combines its services with the sale of projection systems for lay-up and augmented reality for assembly operations, but also innovative machines for the processing of aeronautical skins (Dufieux Industries). The company is structured to conduct significant research projects within itself or in collaboration with partners and external institutes: in particular it becomes a partner of the Cetma research center in Brindisi, dealing with new calibration systems for machine tools and augmented reality systems.

  • From 2016 to 2019

    In 2016 the range of activities has been extended to include topography and drone photogrammetry, using state-of -the art instruments.
    Axist has been committed to perform on line quality inspection for the ATR 42/72 FAL (Final Assembly Line) at Toulouse (France).
    Alto LLC, the Axist subsidiary of Abu Dhabi is the responsible for all the dimensional survey for the erection of the panoramic wheel for DUBAI, the biggest ever built in the world. In 2017 and 2019 Axist performs the photogrammetric measurements for the Sardinia Radio Telescope primary surface (64 meter diameter).
    The R&D team has been enforced with the scope of developing automatic inspection solution. Commercial robots suitable modified to achieve the best accuracy have been promoted in the automotive and aeronautic industries.
    Axist increases his activity inside the ITER project both for suppliers and directly at Cadarache site by his partner Geofit.
    Axist become supplier of CERN, since the company supplied a special machine for the measurement of the magnetic field.

  • 2019

    In 2019 Axist launches MetrologyStore , an e-commerce to promote a range of accessories for portable instruments

  • 2020

    In order to provide an increasingly integrated service, Axist Robotics is born, the innovative and cutting-edge company branch that combines the world of dimensional testing with the online production. Through common anthropomorphic robots’ use, the Robotics division provides a turnkey product that allows the customer to have many advantages in a single solution.


Efficiency, precision, innovation


Since almost the origin Axist is ISO 9001:2015 certified and during year 2019 the company achieved the EN 9100:2018 certification to be compliant with the quality rules of the Aeronautics and Aerospace
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