1. Equipment Design

Equipment Design

Axist also deals with the design of equipment used for the assembly automation and testing assisted processes.

This service is done by the technical department which employs  experienced engineers  to meet the specific customer’s needs.

The installation of the equipment is done directly by Axist.

A particular aspect of the activity of Axist design concerns the entire family to accessories and target-holding dedicated to laser trackers, which are designed and manufactured entirely in the company.

Examples of design activities are:

• Tilting trailer for helicopter floor assembly, assisted by a laser projector;
• Integration in production line of Laser Guide projectors to speed up mounting of secondary structures and fuselage painting;
• Six-metre high stand design for supporting theodolites (for the alignment of satellite components);
• Holding tools for automatic CMM inspection of  batches of small aircraft components.

... beyond the measurements.

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