1. Measure Automation for Dimensional Inspections

Measure Automation

A key element of dimensional inspection is the Measure automation for Continuous Inspections and mass-production.

Important for companies that produce in series is a protocol that ensures repeatability in full agreement Plan Measure.

Automation has an important role in the Core Business and Axist develops ad hoc tools for its customers.

The main solutions regarding the Aeronautics AleniaAermacchi field.

Axist uses designes systems on SpatialAnalyzer and Visual Studio platforms with SA, Visual Basic and C language.

The two main applications are:
- Procedure for Automatic alignment of the fuselage sections of the trainer of military trainer AleniaAermacchi M346 , jointly with Siemens.
- Procedure for Scan of the inside box wings and stabilizers in composite aircraft, jointly with OMS.

Other applications are under study.

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