1. Measurements in the Steel industry

Measurements in the Steel Industry

In continuous casting and rolling mill alignment, the use of portable instruments such as laser trackers and total stations allows us to reduce the time spent measuring, significantly increasing absolute precision and repeatability.

steel metrology

These instruments work by interfacing with a program that allows us to generate reference systems and align ourselves anywhere on common points among different positions.

In doing so, all measurements refer to one single reference system, guaranteeing the greater reliability of the measurements themselves.

In the specific case of casting, the critical stage is the alignment of the curve and its relation to the upper part, the casting tower and oscillator.

When using traditional methods (optical sensor vials, theodolites, memory wire, ruler) it is hard to obtain reliable alignment, especially since the plates and pins on the curved part are bent.

As a result, it is also difficult to guarantee a correlation between the curve and the upper part of the casting in that the punch mark starting points are set incrementally with the risk of accumulating significant errors.

The use of Laser Trackers avoids these problems: they work using only one reference system defined at the beginning of the session.


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