1. Metrology for Power Stations

Metrology for Power Stations

Axist carry out dimensional inspections in power plants, gas, oil or hydroelectric.

metrology power stations

Generators are machines subject to extreme working conditions and the dimensional compliance is necessary to assure their efficiency.

A very common task to perform is verifying alignments and gaps between  the most critical mechanical parts .
Typically  Axist works are requested to inspect the interfaces between an existing machine and the replacement parts which need to be installed.

Axist team has the best instrument and tailored accessories to work easily in the power plants.

Our portable instruments can be taken straight to the site where they are needed, even underground to survey all the structures necessary to engineering in order to design the interface areas of substitute components.

The most common jobs we carry on the energy field are:
- Dimensional Inspections to verify geometrical compatibility between stator and rotor;
- Power shaft and transmission correct alignment;
- Periodic survey to monitor  any displacement that could occur over time.

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