June 2020

The new e-commerce' frontier for Axist 

Coming of age as a leader in metrology market in all major industrial sectors marked an important milestone for Axist: the birth of the company's first e-commerce site, www.metrologystore.com.

Axist technicians have acquired over time an unparalleled experience handling measuring instruments for dimensional testing every day, such as Laser Trackers, Total Stations, Laser scanners and many others.
This is where the project takes shape: engineering and manufacturing components and tools, indispensable in measurements performed with portable instruments, such as Target Holders.

In synergy with the production partners, the products that Axist places on the international market represent the result of reliable, precise and high quality products, all "Made in Italy".

Not only: the target holders are made in a double system, Metric and Imperial, to adapt to every type of need; they are serialized, checked to ensure maximum product traceability and can also be branded with the customer's name or brand.
In addition, the Axist technical department is available to develop customized products on request, if not available in the catalog.

To offer an increasingly satisfying range of products, Axist have also been created that include a wide assortment of Target Holders, with different offsets and shank diameters, to be used for any application of dimensional measurement, completely customizable.

The following tools can also be found within a KIT:
  • -Drift Nest (Flat Target Holder without tang) for 0.5 '' and 1.5 '' SMRs used mainly to define the reference system;
  • -Vector Target to identify the axis of holes with a single measure;
  • -Hidden Point Bar which is indispensable for measuring points;
  • -Punch Target Holder indispensable when it comes to marking a position after having identified it with the SMR. The punch supplied slides into the guide hole of this particular target holder allowing the operation to be performed;
  • -Target Holder Edge to identify edges and Corners to identify edges, useful in the alignment of large machined parts.
A certain Galileo Galilei said “Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not”: we try!