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Projection Works systems, products of the division of the American Delta Sigma Company, used mainly in the aeronautical sector, represent a patented 3D optical projection technology that allows to significantly reduce working time and eliminate rework.

DeltaSigma Optical Projectors

The DeltaSigma optical projector is a hardware/software solution that imports existing 3D geometries and creates new ones to project work instructions onto real surfaces and facilitate complex assembly issues.

Based on a projector-camera-CPU kit, they project unlimited text, colors, images, and geometries. For example, in aeronautics, using the GripGun, a patented device that allows the operator to quickly measure the grip length of fasteners, AssemblyWorks will project the correct information related to all holes previously measured, based on their current condition and allowing to evaluate in real time the deviation from nominal conditions.

Simplify the cabling process by projecting instructions step by step

HarnessWorks simplifies the structured cabling process by projecting step-by-step instructions directly onto a surface. The wiring files are imported directly from the CAD project, after which the programmer simply has to configure how the wiring routing information is projected onto the assembly surface consistent with the drawing indications.

The benefits of HarnessWorks:

  • It reduces the total time spent drafting wiring, avoiding the use of paper drawings, often redundant with information;
  • Eliminate resume operations by breaking each project into easy-to-follow tasks;
  • Project the path of each cable and terminal directly onto the panel;
  • Improves quality and eliminates the subjectivity of operators through step-by-step instructions;
  • Standardizes and strengthens the process, which becomes replicable on different wiring stations.

Project an entire livery into a 1:1 scale production aircraft

Paint Works provides manufacturers and maintainers with the ability to project an entire livery onto a 1:1 scale production aircraft. By connecting virtually unlimited numbers of projectors to a single station, you get the best results in terms of the resolution, precision and sharpness required by the painting process.

The benefits of Paint Works include:

  • See the livery designed on the aircraft for customer approval before masking;
  • Paint complex livery with precision repeatability on entire fleets;
  • Substantially reduce masking time;
  • Eliminate subjectivity from the masking task;
  • Minimize shooting operations (retouching);
  • Increase the complexity of livery without increasing costs in producing them;
  • Standardize the process and results of multiple and distant painting stations.