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Axist robotics

Industria Aeronautica e Aerospaziale

Axist robotics, a branch of the company established to meet the needs of automation, pioneered the use of robots to perform dimensional measurements.

The robots used for the scope are derived from conventional ones and , in addition, a full kinematics, elastic and thermal compensation is applied to achieve the best performances for what is concerning the volumetric accuracy. for certain applications, additional high accuracy rotary encoders are installed on the main robot axes, in order to transduce the real position of the machine end-effector.

Axist Robotics has developed AVRIS, a dedicated software environment to manage these families of robots enabling some innovative solution for these machines.

Avris Robot can be considered as the modern innovation to the traditional control jigs, to comply with the demand of on-line inspection: it is as robust as a jig but it is as flexible as a robot, able to be re-programmed when a new job starts.

The robot sensors configuration includes touch trigger and optical devices and produces the same inspection report as a common CMM.

Bespoke instruments and systems

Axist Robotics can design and produce machines or devices to fulfil specific customers’ requirements.

  • Automated tool for marry up aircraft fuselages, using multiple control axes and laser tracker positioning feed-back.
  • Ultrasonic probe installesd on robots to measure deep drawn metal sheets.
  • Machines for magnetic field mapping (customer CERN)
  • Custom made measuring devices (customer F4E for ITER project)
  • Tripods as higher than 10 meters for laser tracker