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Axist has a range of accessories for Leica Absolute Tracker systems suitable for various products and applications:

Laser Tracker Leica T-Probe

Small, light, user-friendly and more accurate than any other hand-held probe in the world, the Leica T-Probe gives you more than 6 Degrees of Freedom: It gives you the right way to measure. Now featuring longer styli, Leica T-Probe reaches up to 30 m [98 ft] in any dimension.
- Battery-powered for wireless operation and increased productivity
- Smaller, lighter and more convenient than comparable solutions
- Largest armless operation measurement volume of up to 30 m [98 ft], reducing inspections by min. 50%
- Wider acceptance angle than any comparable system: pitch ±45°, yaw ±45°, roll 360°
- Extended battery life with flexible “sleep” mode
- Automated styli identification reduces operator errors
- User-assignable multi-function buttons for individual application functionality for all buttons
- One-hand operation with left/right-hand functionality
- Renishaw-compatible with a wide range of styli available, incl. 100 mm, 200 mm and longer
- Visual feedback for battery, in-view and in-distance status and for process information
- Acoustic process information feedback
-Insensitive to environmental light
-Precise quick release and automated stylus recognition for exchanging styli without calibration
1.0 point/s
>1 m/s
U3d = 100 µm under 7 m
U3d = 30 µm + 10 µm/m over 7 m
Ui = ± 60 µm under 8,5 m
Ui = ± 7 µm/m over 8,5 m
Ur = ± 20 µm + 2 µm/m
Fast and automatic style recognition for replacement without recalibration

Leica T-Scan

The Leica T-Scan is more than a line scanner. Its Flying Dot technology is the only truly automatic scanning solution.
The automatic adjustment of the laser intensity guarantees the best measurement results for each type of surface without operator intervention
It is no longer necessary to process the surface to be scanned and, in addition, the system is not affected by ambient lighting conditions.
As a result, the preparation time is reduced to a minimum.
If the measuring object is large, no photogrammetric targets are needed after changing the location of the tracker: it saves time and does not compromise accuracy.
The Leica T-Scan scans large objects with greater accuracy and 50% faster speed than other similar solutions.
Powerlock: for the first time in the history of the Laser Tracker the laser beam moves towards the user and not vice versa.

Measurements of volumes up to 30 m.

Benefit from improved system specifications of 25%, combining the Leica T-Scan TS50 with the generation of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901.

Superior cloud quality: higher performance on dark or bright surfaces, and 20% lower noise thanks to optimized laser optics.

Exclusive Flying Dot technology to scan a much wider range of black and bright surfaces than other technologies, without the need for treatment.

Dual 20 kHz data acquisition speed: Scan large areas in half the time compared to the previous generation of the Leica T-Scan.

By halving the minimum point-to-point distance, elements and profiles can be captured and extracted with greater precision.

A special design of the light protection is not necessary.

Instant temperature compensation for measurements in almost all environments.

Easy to use: feedback to the operator with a group of intuitive Leds that give precise information about the optimal scanning distance.

Class 2 lasers are not harmful to the eyes.
78 mm
90 mm
86 mm

Leica Absolute Scanner LAS

Bringing complete usability to shop-floor laser scanning, the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS is an affordable and easy-to-use way to add 3D digitisation to your metrology toolset.
Collecting accurate point-cloud data in measurement volumes of up to 60 metres, LAS-20-8 combines the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) measurement capabilities of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a lightweight and ergonomically-designed handheld laser scanner unit to provide a complete and user-friendly portable 3D scanning solution.
Optimised for manual inspection applications and offering excellent performance in non-contact freeform surface inspection, the LAS-20-8 handheld laser scanner is packed with operator-friendly features.
The Leica Absolute Scanner LAS can be used on battery power and requires just a single network cable, offering complete portability for laser scanner measurements on the move.
The ‘flying-dot’ operating concept enables the LAS scanner to automatically adjust laser intensity to the surface type, ensuring the best possible reading with no additional user workload.
The LAS laser scanner is automatically recognised by the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, allowing you to make quick changes between 3D scanning, probing and reflector measurements
Customisable pre-set scanning modes can be selected from the LAS’s main switch, giving you access to the right measurement profile at the right time without making adjustments in the software.
The LAS laser scanner combines haptic, acoustic and visual feedback to guide you to the optimum measurement position with the minimum of training.
Designed for robustness and durability in tough workshop conditions, LAS’s IP50 ingress protection rating gives you the ability to apply laser scanning measurement wherever you need it.
Based on the same proven RDS software interface as Hexagon portable measuring arms, LAS enables you to draw on existing expertise for system checks, compensation and certifications.