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The arms, in metrology, are portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM) that allow manufacturers to easily verify the quality of products, through 3D inspections, tool certifications, comparisons with CAD, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering (reverse engineering).
The Axist team offers its customers four different models of arms:

CAM2 Edge

The new FARO Edge is the most advanced FARO measuring arm in production today. Equipped with an integrated touchscreen computer and "Smartarm" technology, CAM2 Edge simplifies user activities and guarantees superior performance, portability and reliability.
Spherical work volume from 1.8 m to 3.7 m
Repeatability from 0,024 mm to 0,064 mm

Faro Platinum

The Faroarm Platinum makes obsolete traditional Cmms, hand tools and other portable inspection equipment.
Anyone and anywhere can now perform CAD analysis from parts to parts, on parts, fixtures and assemblies with precision never seen before.
When you combine this precision with its 3D measurement technology, adaptable to custom Softcheck tools for zero alignment, it becomes ideal for molding facilities, manufacturing, casting and assembly that require basic 3D measurements or advanced GD&T and SPC outputs.
Spherical work volume from 1.8 m to 3.7 m
Repeatability from 0,024 mm to 0,064 mm

Line probe LLP

CAM2 Edge Scanarm HD combines the convenience of a CAM2 Arm with the power of a laser scanning probe (Laser Line Probe HD) and is the most affordable high-performance, portable contact/non-contact measuring system available today.
The most common applications are in the aeronautical sector for reverse engineering, certification and inspection of parts; for the automotive sector the construction and certification of equipment, alignment, inspection of parts and sheet metal processing (on-board inspection of machinery, sample piece inspection, periodic inspection of parts) and for the forging and manufacturing of moulds and dies inspection of moulds and matrices and scanning of prototypes.

The advantages are:
- reduced measuring times
- intuitive and simple
- scanning of different materials without any special coating
- high scanning frequency of up to 560,000 points/second.
Accuracy:±25μm (±0.001”)
Repeatability:25μm, 2σ (0.001”)
Stand-off:115mm (4.5”)
Depth of field:115mm (4.5”)
Effective scan width:Near field 80mm (3.1”)
Far field 150mm (5.9”)
Points per line:2,000 points/line
Minimum point spacing: 40μm, (0.0015”)
Scan rate:280 frames/second, 280fps x 2,000 points/line = 560,000 points/sec
Laser:Class 2M
Weight:485g (1.1lbs.)
Accuracy and repeatability specified at Full Field of View (FOV); High Accuracy mode specified at reduced FOV.