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Laser Radar is a versatile metrology system that offers non-contact inspection with a single operator. It can be programmed in offline mode, which allows the system to run in an automated way.

It incorporates a patented laser reflection technology for direct measurement of surface and characteristics at high data transfer rates.
As a result, Laser Radar eliminates the use of photogrammetry targets, Smrs or portable probes, reducing inspection times and operator overheads.
The laser radar is able to scan dark, highly reflective or delicate surfaces with difficult angles of incidence. To operate on large-scale automated metrology applications, Axist provides the Metris MV 330 as a Laser Radar model.

Metris MV330

This specific model of Laser Radar doubles the measurement speed and performance, offers better data quality through better signal-to-noise ratio and features improved hole and edge measurement to cover more applications.
Its proprietary laser reflection technology obscures lens positioning in difficult-to-access positions, and through manual and automated non-contact measurement becomes a productivity multiplier, which supports metrology-assisted production in aerospace, alternative energy, antennas, satellites, oversized castings and other large-scale applications.