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Laser scanners are instruments capable of measuring the position of hundreds of thousands of points at very high speed, which define the surface of the surrounding objects. From this relief we get a very dense set of points that is called "cloud of points".
It is, therefore, a direct measurement system because it allows to obtain measurements related to an instrumental precision witnessed by a calibration certificate, which officially documents the results of the measurement.
Among the laser scanner models provided by the Axist team we find one in particular:

Laser Scanner faro Focus 3D S120-X330

The most compact and lightweight laser scanners on the market, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications for 3D modeling and documentation of objects, constructions, complex structures and technological systems.
Capable of detecting up to 976,000 points per second as well as assigning the RGB value to each point detected thanks to the integrated 70 million pixel color camera, the S120-X330 offers a mid-range scan (up to 120 m).
Range: Up to 120 m
Low noise
High Accuracy
High Risolution
Fully wireless measurement with integrated hard drive and battery
Electronic tilt sensor
Cable interfaces: WI-FI, USB
Integrated control panel (with Touchscreen display)
Compact design and low weight (Measurement and software update with internet)
Compatibility with standard tripods